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ROAR First-Year Advising Center

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Welcome to the Pride!

The ROAR First-Year Advising Center advisors and staff are excited that you are either considering or have made the decision to attend the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. Our goal is to help you start a successful educational career at UAFS. We look forward to working with you during your MANE Event New Student Orientation and your first year!
Our center plans and executes a robust MANE Event New Student Orientation. You will be notified when it is time to register for your event. We will also serve as your advisors for the first year or through 24 hours of coursework earned after high school. What this means is that we will meet with you in the summer (or December, depending on when you start) to help you declare your major and register for your first semester. We will then meet with you in the fall and spring to register for future semesters.

Our mission is to advocate for and serve students and their supporters by building a holistic foundation, creating opportunities, and preparing them to be successful with UAFS and professional communities. Our vision is to be a catalyst for fostering critical thinking, student success, and individual independence.

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The Mane Event

Prepare for success with your fellow first-year Lions.



Meet Your Advisor

These helpful Lions are your source for academic advice.



ROAR Registration Appointment

Your advisor is ready to help you create your academic plan. Set up your appointment today.