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Accounting & Business Internships

Earn a Degree and a Resume

At UAFS you earn a degree and a resume, which is why our faculty developed the Business Internship Program. Through this program students are able to develop their core business competencies in a professional environment and have the opportunity to expand their career network.

What Qualifies as an Internship?

A minimum of 135 hours must be worked to qualify for 3 credit hours. The internship must be supervised, and the supervisor must be willing to evaluate the student's work at least two times during the internship. Internships must be approved in advance.
Internship positions can be:
  • Special Project Lead - responsible for completing a project during the semester
  • Assistant to Professional - assists a professional with their daily tasks and responsibilities
  • Junior Staff Position - provides the same services to the organization as a recent college graduate
  • Rotations Between Various Departments - gains a general overview of the organization by rotating through departments and performing routine job duties of various positions for a short term

Students who have been employed by an internship host for more than three months will not be eligible for an internship for credit unless the student’s job description has changed significantly to include a higher level of responsibility. The job duties for the student-intern should be of a natural equivalent to a typical entry-level position for a business graduate.

What are the Academic Requirements?

Prior to registering for COBI 467V Integrative Internship, you must:

  • have completed all lower-level business core requirements.
  • have a minimum GPA of 2.50.
  • submit an internship agreement form to the assistant dean of business or CBI internship coordinator.
  • take MGMT 3153 Organizational Behavior as a pre- or co-requisite.

Students concentrating in accounting should register for ACCT 467V Internship in Accounting and in addition to the above, also take ACCT 3003 Intermediate Accounting I as a pre-requisite.

Complete and return the internship agreement form no later than two weeks prior to the start of the appropriate academic semester.

Internship Agreement

Forms can be emailed to  or dropped off in person at Business and Industrial Institute 103.