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Alumni Advisory Council

Welcome! The UAFS Alumni Advisory Council strives to engage alumni and strengthen participation for the roughly 45,000 living UAFS, Westark, and Fort Smith Junior College alumni.

Mission Statement

The UAFS Alumni Advisory Council strives to recruit and retain active members to support and advise the Alumni Engagement Office on matters to serve, connect, and create engaging opportunities to enhance the lifelong experience of UAFS Alumni.


Alumni are selected by a nominating committee.

Current Members

Name Graduation Year
Kevin Farrell (Chair) 2006
Laura Schmutz Beltan 2006
Heather Deere 2016
Josh Funmaker 2006
Shelli Henehan 1986
Ashley Hill 2010
Jennifer Kelly 1991, 1998, 2015, 2019
Sarah May 2017
Lindsey Steiger-Muck 2009
Logan Parks 2019
Maddie Stojanovic 2018
John Sturrock 2015
Jeremy Wann 2009
Sam Winterberg 2009