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Student Support Services - STEM

The Student Support Services (SSS) TRIO STEM program at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith is funded by a federal grant through the U.S. Department of Education. 

The SSS TRIO STEM program is designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of first-generation college students, students with limited family income, and students with disabilities.

The SSS program provides an array of support services including:

  • Free tutoring and test prep for program required exams (Praxis, PSB, NCLEX, GRE)
  • Supplemental academic advising
  • One-on-one coaching in the areas of financial aid, career development, graduate and professional school admission
  • Academic and professional development workshops and activities
  • Campus and community cultural enrichment activities
  • Peer mentoring
  • Student Advisory Board leadership positions
  • Access to designated computer lab and online/technology resources

Apply to TRIO STEM Program

Eligibility & Majors Served

The government sets eligibility requirements for all federally funded grants, including those offered by the Department of Education, such as the Student Support Services (SSS) TRIO Program. Students must meet both the primary and secondary requirements outlined below.

Student participants must meet both of the requirements below.

  1. Is a citizen of the United States or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance. 
  2. Is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term at UAFS. Has a need for academic support, as determined by TRIO STEM UAFS, to successfully pursue a postsecondary educational program. Students meeting one or more of the following conditions meets the need for academic support requirement:
    • High school GPA below 3.0
    • ACT composite or any sub-score below 21
    • Currently has failing grades in one or more courses
    • Returning adult student (beginning college at age 23 or older)
    • Majoring in underrepresented, highly demanding, and rigorous majors such as engineering, math, nursing, accounting, pre-med/biology, or pre-pharmacy
    • Lacks academic preparedness for college-level coursework
    • Needs help in determining career or educational goals
    • Has need for support to raise grades in major or required courses
    • Is in danger of losing a scholarship due to academic performance

In addition to meeting all three of the above requirements, participants must also meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. From a limited-income household – Guidelines are determined by the number of family members living in your household and the household taxable income amount from the year prior to application to SSS.
  2. Is first generation college student – From the household in which you primarily grew up, neither parent nor legal guardian has completed a bachelor’s degree.
  3. An individual with a disability – To facilitate the documentation of disabilities for the program, students are encouraged to register with the Office of Disability Services.