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Mission Statement, Goals, and Pass Rates

Mission Statement

The dental hygiene program derives its purposes and functions from the mission statement of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. Our primary purpose is to provide the highest quality education while recognizing and respecting the dignity of each individual student. We are committed to contributing to the oral health needs of the community by providing high-quality care in a cost-efficient manner.

The dental hygiene program strives to provide a variety of quality academic, laboratory, preclinical and clinical learning experiences that prepare students to assume the role of a dental hygienist in a variety of practice settings. Students, while having the responsibility for their own learning, are provided with an environment for effective learning by the faculty. The dental hygiene faculty encourages students to attain their professional goals while realizing their individual potential as learners and beginning professionals.

Program Goals

  1. To graduate clinically competent and ethical dental hygienists who will promote the values of oral and general health and wellness to the public.
  2. To provide a quality educational program that meets the needs of the students, employers, and educational community.
  3. To graduate dental hygienists who are able to initiate and assume responsibility for health promotion and disease prevention activities for diverse populations in a variety of settings.
  4. To create a physical and emotional atmosphere conducive to learning.
  5. To graduate dental hygienists who possess transferable skills such as communication, problem solving, and critical thinking in order to take advantage of opportunities for professional growth and development.

Pass Rates

Since 2001 the UAFS dental hygiene program has exceeded the accreditation standards for the pass rate average on both the written national board dental hygiene examination and the regional clinical examination. We're proud of our pass rates and of our graduates.

Dental Hygiene First Write Pass Rates
National Board Exam
National Board Exam pass rates will be reported on each graduating class.

Date Candidates Taking   Candidates Passing Pass
March 2015 15 15 100
March 2016 11 11 100
March 2017 10 10 100
March 2018 11 11 100
March 2019 15 15 100
March 2020 16 16 100
March 2021*
16 15 93.75
March 2022*
14 13 92.86
11 11 100

*Students passed the exam on the second attempt.