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Course Repeat Policy

Students may only receive financial aid twice for the same previously passed course. For the purposes of financial aid, a passed course is defined as any grade higher than an F, regardless of any school or program policy requiring a higher grade.  Financial aid will not be calculated for any third or greater attempts for a previously passed course.

Repeated coursework can also affect Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The following examples show if a repeated course would be financial aid eligible:


  1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Is Financial Aid Eligible?
Example 1
D Enrolled Yes
Example 2 C Enrolled -- Yes
Example 3 D C Enrolled No
Example 4 D F Enrolled No
Example 5 W F Enrolled Yes
Example 6 D W Enrolled Yes
Example 7 W Enrolled -- Yes
Example 8 W D Enrolled Yes


Explanation of Examples

  1. Yes, this is eligible for financial aid because it is the first repeat after receiving a passing grade of D or better.
  2. Yes, these credits may be counted, even though it was previously passed, because it is the first time the class is being repeated.
  3. No, this course was previously passed and this is the third attempt. Two attempts is the maximum attempts these credits can count towards financial aid eligibility because the course has been passed.
  4. No, the class credits are no longer considered for financial aid eligibility because it has been previously passed, (even though UAFS academic policy will replace the D with the F) and this is the second time it is being repeated.
  5. Yes, because this course has never been passed so may still be counted towards financial aid eligible credits.
  6. W’s and Complete Withdrawals are excluded when counting the number of times a course has been repeated.
  7. W’s are excluded from counting as a repeated course. The course has never been passed and is eligible for aid.
  8. W’s and Complete Withdrawals are excluded when counting the number of times a course has been repeated.

There are other factors for determining which credits are or are not eligible for financial aid.