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Lion Textbook Access Program

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Lion Textbook Access Program (LTAP) is an exciting new initiative designed to save students money and ensure access to all course materials before the first day of class.


UAFS is piloting the Lion Textbook Access Program in 17 courses for the Fall 2024 semester. Students who register in these courses will pay a LTAP fee that covers the cost of all course materials. A digital version of the textbooks and other courseware materials within each course will be seamlessly integrated into Blackboard, the university’s learning management system (LMS). Students can save 20-60 percent on required course materials through this program. Emails will be sent to students when their materials become available in Blackboard.
LTAP fees are automatically charged to student fee bills. Students can opt out or back in during the drop/add period. The opt-out deadline for LTAP is the final day to add/drop classes for the semester.


  •  Affordability - Participating in LTAP allows the cost for course materials to conveniently be included in your tuition and fees. Delivering these materials in a digital format can also significantly reduce the amount you pay for textbooks. 
    Access -  All required course materials are provided before the first day of class, allowing students to actively engage in learning on day one. Digital materials are accessible with a click of a button in Blackboard.
  • Convenience - Everything is automatically provided when students register for class. No lines or wait times.
  • Flexibility - Students can opt out per semester. Should students change their minds, they may opt back in. 


  • BIOL 2201 Sections 0D2, OD4, and 9D1
  • BIOL 2203 Sections 0D2 and 9D1
  • BIOL 2213 Section 9D1 and 0D1
  • BIOL 3403 Section 0D1
  • CJ 1253 Section EG1
  • CJ 2513 Section 0D1
  • EET 3303 Section 0D1
  • ELEC 2733 Section 0D1
  • GEOL 1253 Section 0D1
  • GEOL 2653 Section 0E1
  • HLTH 2953 Section 0E2
  • LEAD 3133 Sections 0D1 and 0E1
  • LEAD 3603 Section 0D1
  • LEAD 4403 Sections 0E1 and GE1
  • LEAD 4663 Section GE1 and 0E1
  • MKTG 3013 Section 0Y1
  • SPAN 1304 Sections 0D2, 0D3, 0E3, and 0Y1


Select UAFS faculty have chosen to participate in this initial LTAP pilot. Participating in LTAP ensures students will have all required course materials on the first day of class at a fraction of the regular cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Students can opt out through their registration portal. Additionally, an opt-out link will be provided in an email sent to students' email address.  Students who opt out will be responsible for securing required textbooks and course materials.


No, though students can opt out on a semester-by-semester basis.

Students who wish to opt out must do so before the last day to add/drop classes for the semester.

If the opt-out period has not ended, you can opt back in by going to the opt-out portal and choosing "Opt In." You can log in to the opt-out portal through the opt-out link provided by UAFS or by checking your school email address for the link.

If you add or drop a course, that information is automatically transmitted to the bookstore. 

  • Added courses: Within 24 hours of adding a course, you will receive an email at your UAFS email address with details to access your digital materials. Almost all materials are provisioned directly into Blackboard.
  • Dropped courses: For courses dropped prior to the drop/add/opt-out deadline, access to electronic or digital materials will automatically be disabled.

For digital material, the length of access is dependent on those specific materials. You should contact the UAFS bookstore for more information.

Yes, financial aid can cover the cost of this program.

Required materials are supplied at the beginning of each term. The materials will be accessed on or before the first day of class. You should continue to check your UAFS email (from before the start of each term.

The majority of course materials and textbooks will be digital. Print materials will be offered if a digital version isn’t available. Course materials can be digital, print, external website subscriptions, and any material submitted by faculty that is listed as required. Optional materials and supplies are not included.

This depends upon allowances made by the publisher. In some cases, low-cost, loose-leaf printed versions of the material may be available for an additional fee. Bookstore staff members will help you determine if this is possible.

Digital materials will be provided in Blackboard prior to the start of class, typically one week. Depending on material, students will either receive further direction from their instructor or an email with directions.

All digital materials that are part of the program will be reviewed to ensure they meet any accessibility requirements. Many eBooks already have an audio option for parts or all of the material.

This depends upon a variety of factors, but generally speaking, courseware and eBooks remain available for at least 90 days following the end of the course.

Please contact the Follett UAFS Bookstore at or 479-788-7322. You can also visit the Follett UAFS bookstore websiteor drop by the bookstore, located in the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center.